Update - 12/9/19

This is some pretty major news. K has posted again and there's something strange about it. The post was made on December 8th. Here's an archive of the post:

First, in this post he shares another clip. This clip is of blood that his friend found which was apparently related to the murder. Here is the clip:

A user noticed something peculiar at the end of the clip...

For just a quick frame or two, there was a code:

K admitted that the code was part of a dead man's switch he was setting up to presumeably release the footage in case anything happened to him. Some people accused this whole thing of being an ARG, which K denied. An arg sounds impossible considering the crime scene footage has been verified as authentic. Also note that K seems to believe some conspiracy his friend had about the blood in the clip...

First of all, who the hell needs a dead man's switch? What kind of footage could be on that hard drive? What could be so horrible that it's ruining K's life? Making him paranoid, etc. It must be something crazy.

And more importantly, K has made the huge announcement that he'll be traveling to Koreatown sometime next year. What!?

And one other important note. I've noticed a peculiar thing about K's posts. He seems to post on the 8th of the month at exactly 11:09am. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm guessing that K's trip might be January 8th. Or at least we can expect a post from him. Although, I have to admit I'm starting to get a bit worried about him. He's been getting more cryptic and darker.

K if you're reading this, I'm in LA now. I live in Echo Park. If you need my help, I will do anything for you. Hell, I'd love to grab a beer with you. If it's eating you up so much, just set yourself free and release the footage!

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