I have created this page as a central place for people to read the info, compiled to the best of my ability, about the mysterious case of an anonymous internet poster's claims concerning his friend's investigation into a murder. The original poster, later known as "Ktown Anon" or "K Anon" has posted sporadically since May 2019. I have compiled some of his posts* and have attempted to confirm or debunk his claims. What I'm aiming to do is create a comprehensive timeline of his postings cross referenced with the events he discussed and theories regarding the supposed footage he is supposedly in possession of.

This page would not be possible without the help of countless people, thank you.

*the posts I have been able to find, as some people claim to have seen other posts which I cannot verify to exist.

About me and this page

  • I became interested in this case after seeing the original post in May 2019

  • I have tried unsuccessfully to contact K

  • I am a longtime lurker and rare poster on various paranormal imageboards

  • My background is in true crime, missing persons cases, and parapsychology

  • I believe many mental health diseases, such as schizophrenia are sometimes rooted in paranormal intrusion as opposed to brain chemistry imbalances or wiring deficiencies.

  • Do I believe Ktown Anon? It's complicated. Obviously to some degree

  • Beyond seeking to verify K Anon's story, the ultimate goal is to see the footage he supposedly has. He's shown us glimpses, but we want the full unadulterated footage.

  • Any new info can be sent to kanonmysterypage@gmail.com

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