And here is the clip he posted:

K Anon's next archived post was on Sunday September 8th at 11:09am. Exactly 4 months after his previous post. In this post, K explains that he tried to give this thing up, and forget about the footage. The biggest development here was the posting of K's first clip. Here is the archived post:

Important notes:

The video proves that his friend had footage of a real crime scene.

Several other posters claimed to have seen K posting on 8chan as well. I personally have never seen these posts and haven't been able to track them down because I never frequented that cesspool. If you're reading this and can help find those, please let me know.

At this point, having the footage is clearly a burden for K and is weighing down on him. He claimed he couldn't "stomach" making it to the end.

What peaked my interest was that K was beginning to think it was possible that his friend had not simply gone crazy, but possibly he had captured something supernatural, or had been under the influence of something supernatural. What he was describing is something I have quite the interest in: parapsychology. This may or may not be me

K asked for help finding the meaning of this image. What could it be?

On a personal note, I've accepted a job offer in Los Angeles. So I'll be leaving the Bay area soon. Moving not too far from where K's friend lived,

just a few miles away from the crime scene.

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